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  • 8+
24 inch fat bike

XXfat 24″

This is the ultimate fun for mountain bikers who also like riding on sand, mud, snow or rough terrain.



The XXfat 24” is the ultimate supplement for extreme sports loving children from the age of 8 or a height of 135cm. Use our 24 inch fat bike for traditional mountain biking on trails and enjoy a great riding experience as with a mountain bike with suspension. The fat tires replace the function of the suspension and add extra grip to avoid slipping and sinking in on soft surfaces.

The 24 inch fat bike is not only a great trail mountain bike, but also ideal for exploring off-road surfaces where a traditional mountain bike cannot cope. Go for a ride on the beach, in the softest mud or in the snow and your child will not want to get off.

The XXfat 24” is a top quality bike, with Shimano Deore front derailleur and Altus rear derailleurs, Tektro Novella Discs brakes and VEE Tires. It is built out of light-weight aluminium, making it with 14.9kg one of the lightest bikes in its category.

All of our bikes have powder coated spokes, which typically last longer and hold up in the wet. We recommend hosing the bike down with clean water after rough-handling the XXfat 24” in mud, saltwater, sand and snow to ensure a longer life-span.

For extra safety we recommend wearing a suitable bike helmet. For further information on how to fit and wear a helmet correctly, please have a look here on our blog.

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