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  • 2+ years
pedeX 02

pedeX 02

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Our balance bike with suspension for children that also like riding their bike off-road.



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The pedeX 02 balance bike is our running bike with elastomer suspension. This bike is ideal for toddlers and children who also like to ride off-road and rough terrain. From experience we can see that children enthusiastically respond to this model.

From an engineering perspective, the pedeX 02 balance bike is a cleverly designed, light and very cool looking running bike designed and engineered in Germany. Our in-house engineers developed a elastomer suspension based frame. Its fully loaded weight has been reduced to only 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs). The rear fork is kept low for children to rest their feet as they learn to balance and coast. Additionally, the saddle can be adjusted 10 cm more than the pedeX 01. This slight compromise in weight makes the running bike suitable for older and taller kids.

In addition to its unique structure our design team worked on customising the pedeX 02 balance bike so that it lives up to its name. The pedeX 02 balance bike comes with a gulf racing styled orange and blue colour theme.

The pedeX 02 balance bike saddle comes with a handle to help push learners and tired children. This handle feature also serves as a useful tool to carry the running bike.

All of our bikes (balance bikes and kids’ bikes) have powder coated spokes, which typically last longer and hold up in the wet. Our entire balance bike range comes standard with pneumatic tires.

The pedeX 02 balance bike comes standard with electric blue safety grips on the handle bars. The cushioned impact protectors at the ends of the handle bars help protect children from injuries if they fall. Kids’ safety is further enhanced with the Allen key saddle post tightener, rather than a quick-release which we believe is one less thing to worry about in avoiding injuries with little fingers getting caught. The Germans agree with us, too.

For extra safety we recommend wearing a suitable bike helmet. For further information on how to fit and wear a helmet correctly, please have a look here on our blog.

This toy meets the EN71 Standard.

This balance bike was featured in Babyology in September and in the 2014 Christmas Gift Guide


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