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We import and distribute a full kids bike range from the award winning brand S’COOL for children from 1.5 until 15 years in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Accessories

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  • Balance bikes

    Balance bikes (2)

    High quality, light weight German balance bikes made out of aluminium, wood or bamboo. The aluminium balance bikes weigh between 3.3kg and 3.9kg, the wooden balance bike weighs 4.0kg and the bamboo balance bike weighst only 3.3kg, making it one of the lightest non aluminium balance bikes on the market.

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  • Mountain bikes

    Mountain bikes (4)

    Explore our great range of stylish and high quality mountain bikes. Our German mountain bikes are available in 20" or in 24". We have bikes ideal for beginners and for the experts.

  • Road bikes

    Road bikes (4)

    Our race bikes range between 7.9kg and 8.3kg. We offer the traditional race bikes or race bikes with flat handle bars, both in 20" and 24". These race bikes are ideal for velodrome riding, racing and triathlons.

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