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  • 4+
16 inch girls bike

niXe 16″

The best bike to move on to after a balance bike, the pink niXe with 16 inch wheels is ideal for girls from 4 years.



The niXe 16 inch girls bike is the ideal bike in pink to move on from a balance bike. While the manufacturer recommends this girl’s bike from the age of 4 years or a height of 110cm, we think children who figured out the balance and steering are ready to move onto this bike as well. From experience we suggest an age from about 3 years or a height of 104cm.

The bike comes standard with a chain protector for safety and to ensure little trousers are not stained with chain oil, back and front reflectors, a front hand break and a back pedal break and a carrier for little handbags.

The saddle is adjustable with a quick-release function for fast growing girls to enable usage for a longer period.

The niXe 16 inch girls bike has safety grips on the handle bars. The cushioned impact protectors at the ends of the handle bars help protect children from injuries if they fall.

All of our bikes (balance bikes and kids’ bikes) have powder coated spokes, which typically last longer and hold up in the wet.

For extra safety we recommend wearing a suitable bike helmet. For further information on how to fit and wear a helmet correctly, please have a look here on our blog or ask an expert at your local bike shop.





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