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  • 8+
all-terrain scooter

flaX 4

Suitable for fun rides in the skate park, in town or even off-road on muddy, sandy and soft tracks. Great fun for kids from 8 years but also suitable for adults.



The flaX 4 is an all-terrain scooter for children from the age of 8 years or a height of 125cm. This fat scooter is made out of light-weight sturdy aluminium and is as a result suitable for both children and adults up to a 100kg.

In comparison to standard hard wheel scooters this all-terrain scooter comes with pneumatic 8” fat tyres to guarantee some fun in the skate park and the streets but also on off-road tracks.

For safety the all-terrain scooter comes standard with a foot brake.

For extra safety we recommend wearing a suitable bike / scooter helmet. For further information on how to fit and wear a helmet correctly, please have a look here on our blog or ask an expert at your local bike or skate shop.


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