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  • 3+
wooden balance bike

pedeX *wood wave

Our stylish and popular wooden balance bike is back in stock



The pedeX wood wave is a wooden balance bike with an ergonomically designed wooden frame and an aluminium saddle post, fork and handle bar.

Most wooden balance bikes currently on the market are unnecessarily heavy. Our German design and development team created a light-weight wooden frame with aluminium components weighing in at only 4.0kg (8.8lbs). As a result this wooden balance bike is significantly lighter than most of the timber balance bikes on the market. Heavy balance bikes that could be 70% of a child’s body weight are hard to push uphill, steer and take away the fun. A bike that is only 33% or less of their body weight is much easier and enjoyable to use.

To ensure safety and sturdiness the saddle post, handle bar and fork are manufactured out of light-weight aluminium. The ergonomically padded adjustable saddle guarantees comfort and style in comparison to hard wooden bowl like seats, allowing an optimal riding position.

The 14” front wheel makes the bike slightly higher than the standard 12” balance bike. As a result taller children (3 years and up or 89cm and taller) can maximise the use out of this stylish balance bike for a longer period than our 12” balance bike. The back wheel is a 12” fat wheel, giving the bike more grip, stability and an aggressive low-ride look and feel. The arrangement of the two different sized wheels also puts a funky twist to this stylish and beautiful wooden balance bike.

All of our bikes (balance bikes and kids’ bikes) have powder coated spokes, which typically last longer and hold up in the wet. Our entire balance bike range comes standard with pneumatic tires.

The pedeX wood wave wooden balance bike has safety grips on the handle bars. The cushioned impact protectors at the ends of the handle bars help protect children from injuries if they fall. Kids’ safety is further enhanced with the Allen key saddle post tightener, rather than a quick-release which we believe is one less thing to worry about in avoiding injuries with little fingers getting caught. The Germans agree with us, too.

For extra safety we recommend wearing a suitable bike helmet. For further information on how to fit and wear a helmet correctly, please have a look here on our blog.

This toy meets the EN71 Standard.


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